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Nov 16, 2010


Hello people, today no more jokes and whatever. Because I'm totally mad
and so so so so shock with something. OHHH yes, before I show you that
'shocking thing'. Okay, do you agree with sex edu people? Do respons me.
Erghh. A child as young as my youngest brother will learn this sex edu
starting next year. Ohh, that is really really doesn't make any sense.

Reasons for this are to avoid HIV things, and else, you know what right.
Come on, there are some other solutions. Basically, naturally, home and family.
A good child comes from a good family. Major. Not all. But I think the best way,
yes that! Haaa yes, I read some info from Faisal Tehrani's blog. Check it out.

And so, I found this 'shocking thing' people ;

Do view it on Faisal Tehrani's okay?
It is more larger than mine.
And do read the post also people.

So, what do you think? Sex education : should or should not?

p/s ; I'm giving a very good hint for students who will take BEL 311
next semester. Try to make your term paper on this issue.


PinQib said...

hehe.; budak budk da tau. kite yang tua x tau.. wakak. nice template beb

diriku said...

ishk..dh nk stat ke?

melon said...

i wont see it.. kih3...

humm, i wish to write in english just like or better than u, but i cant cz im bad in english .. :(

nway, i folow u..
do folow me back.hopefully. hehe

afiqah said...

pink ; hahah. tau tkpe babe ;) nice? Thanks :) hehehe.

diriku ; dah nak stat? next year kawan :)

melon ; everbody can write in English, you must try :)

frhh said...


afiqah said...

frhh ; tau tkpe. memang geli seh.
geli gelemannnn.

unpredictable one's said...

i say it should be not.as you say,more solutions than sex edu..

unpredictable one's said...

i say it should be not.as you say,more solutions than sex edu..

hamzah ian said...

sex edu/??

baik bljar agama kot..

afiqah said...

zati ; tau takpe. erghhh. should not rite? :)

hamzah ; betul2 :) setuju.

red jacket said...

gila kecik budak 2..haha

Zulaykha Nadya said...

education about sex in school?
rasanya cm xpatut..
cm ajar cre lakukan ada la...
takotnye skrg nie :(

afiqah said...

hahaha :)
memang kecik ag ohh.

nadya ; takut kan :)

PinQib said...

x payah sexxxxxxxxx

afiqah said...

Qib ; heheh. jangan ah tak payahhh.
kene jugak, tp after kawen :)

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