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Nov 15, 2010


I love green. Green makes me feel very calm. OHHHHH~
By the way people, do you see that cutie mutie pie foxy up there?
Yes yes yes. Green fox if you notice. I told you, I do LOVE GREEN.
Do you noticed the cute new header? For your information, absolutely.
I didn't make it by myself. *sigh* Because I don't even know how to do.
Shame on me. Eh eh eh eh, but I want to credit myself too because, for almost
an hour I tried to suit the new header with template and layout and blablabla.

That is not really important people, what I try to say here, I'm very glad because
I have such a good friend, Qib. She sacrificed her time, her energy, her whatever
just to make my header. OHH~ Thanks Qib. Even though at first, ' er er, nak mintak tolong'
'alaa, malulahhh' 'alamak, segan!' But when Qib gave me a bright green-light to do it.
I am soooooooooooooooooo happy. Do check her out here people.

mmuahhh mmuahhh Qib


PinQib said...

spewciel entry ker aper ni
btw i never tot it would look so good here. i mean..
tp kalau bckground kaler lg striking lg masuk kot ^^

afiqah said...

heheh. I know, im working on it :)
I promise, nnti i blaja sendiri okay?
Tengsssss :) wee hooo.

unpredictable one's said...

iloveee natural :)

unpredictable one's said...

i loveee natural :)

afiqah said...

zati, hahaha :)
me too babe.

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