Bubblegums ;

Mar 21, 2010

basement ,

going back to basement ,
ready to mess up my mind again ,
ready to watch Azlan and The typewriter tonight ,

Mar 20, 2010

pornography again :D

hery gave me his idea to make me to upload this photo ;)

my bad ,

i know you since we're both young ,
but i didn't regonised you ,
what do you say if you know me earlier ?
do you say ; afiqah, i love you ?
haha, nonsense,

i try to avoid the jealousy ,
but i can't ,
i don't know why ,
but what i know now ,
i do love Ahmad Nazrin ,
i do love him .
i'm always pray for your happiness ,
do take care of her ,
she needs you as much as i need Ahmad Nazrin ,

p/s ; Ahmad Nazrin , i can't wait to see you sayang ,

pornography :D

porno 1 ; hana copot, haha!

porno 2 ; crazy stuffs , haha!

porno 3 ; nai stress with MAT 126, her bf, haha!

Mar 11, 2010

anak ayam dan ibunya ,

hari ini ada sekor anak ayam jatuh dr kerusi,
dan ibu ayam menyelamatkannya,
kenapa ibu ayam menyelamatkan anaknya?
sebab ibu ayam sayang sgt pada anaknya itu (:

Mar 4, 2010

hati rosak ,

i need you,
please do forgive me,
i dont have another person,
just you,

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