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Nov 28, 2010

How to treat your friend nicely?

Hello, hey people. What a serious title I think. Ehem ehem.
I think some of you have this type of 'kawan time senang je' problem.
Right? Right? Right? A big applause for me. Yeahhh!
Okay okay, just forget about that kind of friend/s that you have,
we have to move on people. Don't cry over the split milk.
Am I right here? Correct me if it is wrong.

There is no such thing as 'kawan lupa kawan' here, each of us have our
own life. Sometimes, we can't spend all our time with our friends. It's crazy!
But at least show our love, our care, our smile, our warm hug to them.
How to make a friend? ahaaa! These are the tips ;

Lend your shoulder to them when they have problems : It is simple right?
As simple as ABC. Feewittt! It is a fact that friends need somebody to be
with when they're down. So, give me your shoulder people! HAHAHA.
I am crying here. (lying)

But when you have friends that lend their shoulder to you for BENEFITS
and at last, throw lots of shit to you when they are HAPPY. So, why just stand there?
Back off people. Understand?

Don't make any promise to new friend/s : Meaning here, at first everyone can be
nice to you, can praise you as high as the sky, and when you already been trapped
by that 'nice' thing, you will say 'kau lah kawan dunia akhirat aku' 'kau bestfren aku'.
Am I right? Mostly people will say things like that including me. Yes people, ME!

But after few days, few months, few years, you will be the one that suffer, that
cry for that 'kwn dunia akhirat' and whatever because you will find, you will realize
that friend/s don't deserve for that title of 'kwn dunia akhirat'. HAHAHA.
As I said before, they want to be friend with you just for BENEFITS.

So, people. Remember, not all people want to become your friends/bestfriend.
Ohh My, finally, I'm sorry for this post, maybe it will make some people hurt.
This is just my own idea, my own thought. I don't have any other intentions.
Just sharing. SWEAR! I love all my friends.

Big P/S : Not all friends have those kind of attitudes that I've mentioned above.
Don't misunderstood okay? Love ya'!


HZQH said...

haha really nice one, i lap u too :)

afiqah said...

hahaha :D
thanks :)

Heidi Shafiq said...

ya.. jgn slalu sgt blanje mkn.. kwn baik time kene blanje je.. hahaha.. :P

unpredictable one's said...

superbbb!! nicee post,iloveeyouu jugakk!! <3

Hellioz said...

berapa ramai yg buat macam ni?

less than we'd ever imagine

what a life~

afiqah said...

heidi ; hahaha. yes yes, :)

zati ; love you too sayang :)

hellioz ; yes yes! atk terkire dek tgn dan kaki ;) What a life right?

Shaofie said...

tapi tak semua friends are truly friends at the end. haha.

lensa hitam.putih said...

friends forever :)

afiqah said...

shaofie ; yes ;) setuju.

lensa ; hahaha. okay :)

ㄊㄅㄧㄢㄇ® said...

btoi2..ble sng ramai ah..ble susah xde pon...

afiqah said...

ajien ; haa! betul sangat ah tu kan kan? :)

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