Bubblegums ;

Mar 7, 2011


I love purple because of you.
I chose my purple purse because of you.
You know why?
Because, I will hold, I will open my purse everyday.
And when I do that, it will remind me to you.
Because purple is your favourite.

P/S : But my favourite is you.


ajien® said...

soo sweet lah...:)

afiqah said...

ajien ; :) it's you love.

unpredictable one's said...

omg, so sweeet laaahh both of you. stay last forever okey :)

afiqah said...

zati ; heheh, thanks. InsyaALLAH.

Atikah M. Nawawi said...

I love purple too! if purlpe hitam,lagi smart! :DD

afiqah said...

tikah ; hehehe. tak tak. purple putih! ;p

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